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Super charged metrics app

"Data is everywhere you're not. You can control the data beast and have access to the data that matters most to you."

Instantly load your data that is important to you right from your mobile device. This could be your weekly new customer count, daily revenue, monthly expenses, whatever you want. Got your data in a spreadsheet? Even better! Link it to your metric, refresh and done.


Join in on the conversation

"You'll have access to data unlike anyone you know. Not just your company data, but metrics that matter to your peers too."

Ever wonder WHY that number is what it is? Not anymore because everyone who has access to the metric can give an assist. An added benefit is you can invite your associates and peers to share your metric too. Now everyone is on the same page as you.


They quoted what metric today

"The world is full of important data. When combined with your data, the insights just get better."

You hear numbers thrown at you all day via the cable financial news shows, but it always leaves you asking where they came from. Well, that data and history can be found right within Atlas by public metric authors. Got a metric you want to share with the world, Atlas can help you get the word out.


The rhythm of the business

"Your business has a heartbeat through its data and now you can see it."

For the first time ever with minimal effort, you can combine your business metrics to public metrics and begin seeing what the future holds for you. Government financial numbers affect all business, now you can see it together for the first time.


Data insights tracking like a boss

"Seriously, it can be this easy."

This isn’t our first time doing analytics, we have over 20 years’ experience designing, building and deploying reporting solutions. And we found, as you have probably found, that dashboards and the promise of big data has been pretty… well… NOT fulfilling. Atlas changes all that. Give it try.


How it works

We may have invented Atlas, but we met with a lot of customers and had them tell us what they wanted in a mobile business insights app. The result is a mobile business app that is unlike any software in the marketplace. If you have a better idea, let us know and we’ll work hard to incorporate it.


Within minutes, signup, load your data and share your metric with friends.



Fast insights to what you need to know now, not later.



Have a lot of metrics? Pin it and it will be waiting for you.

HTML app template


Create a public metric to share with the world and just watch the ratings grow.



Ever see the hero "The Flash"? Well, our solution will deliver your data just as fast.


Time Saver

Turn it on and you will know what is going on. Simple, fast and effective

Features that give you Super Powers

That's right, you'll be showing and impressing your colleagues with your new found super data powers. Check out some of the new x-ray data powers you’ll receive when using Atlas.

Metrics in Minutes

Right from your phone, you can create and share metrics in minutes

Modern design

Our metric tiles are the coolest thing you will see all day every day

Open Source

Mash up your data with open source metrics and have x-ray vision

Pixel perfect

We’re all about the small details here & aim to be pixel perfect in every way.

Team Work

When everyone has the same data, they become an unstopable force

Easy to customize

Over 25 different customizations on a metric means they are shape shifting

How much does it cost?

If you just want to create and follow powerful public metrics with associates, Atlas is FREE. Unlock the power of other enhanced Atlas features for just a few dollars for your whole team to share.


$0 / FREE

  • Authoring
  • Public Metrics
  • Follow Public Metrics and Authors
  • 5 Chart Views
  • Limited Data Rows
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$5.95 / month

  • Public features and
  • Create 10 Private Metrics
  • Invite and Share with 5 Associates
  • 5 Chart Views
  • Spreadsheet Upload
  • Limited Data Rows
  • Consulting Available


tbd / month

  • Plus features and
  • Create 50 Private Metrics
  • Invite and Share with 25 Associates
  • Scorecard Chart Views
  • Cloud SQL Data Sources
  • Separate Service Instance
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services

Seen enough already?

Enough! We're done telling you about how great Atlas is and how he'll help get your business and people back on track.
Go! Download it! Do it right NOW!

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Have any questions?

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